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 It's About Your Business
Your Community and Your Life, Partner with a team who gets it...

Everything we do, we believe in building and strengthening our community. 
We’re the stable and dependable partner you turn to for help or ideas. 

We strengthen our community by providing predictable leadership. Plus you get all the familiar business benefits from networking to continual learning and marketing support.

We’ll also take a stand… make a call… solve a problem… a friend to turn to in tough times. We just happen to be called your chamber of commerce.  


Board of Directors



Application    Form

Benefits Of Membership 

Membership investments are calculated using a formula based on the number of employees in the business and is structured as follows: 

  1-5   employees   $295   |     6-10 employees   $350   |   11-20 employees  $475

21-25 employees  $600   |   26-35 employees   $750  |  Premier Member Levels and Benefits

Contact the Premier Members and ask them how they can assist you. 
They are dedicated to helping the Rhode Island business community move forward. 



Step 1 - Complete an Application

Step 2 - Choose your payment method. (Credit Card link at bottom of application)

Step 3 - Select the member benefits you would like to start receiving immediately.  

 Start making connections today!  Event Tickets:



































 Our apologies, the form below is not currently working.  You may complete your application using the steps above.

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